Wednesday, April 1, 2009

About Us : Anti Racist Basterds

We love Antifa.  Love em to pieces.  Fact many of us have been Antifas and have leaked info to antifascist and anti racists for years.  Here's to Antifa and the outstanding work done over the years.


You knew there was a "but".  "But" Antifa/ARA organize for face to face on the street action and that means one big weakness:  compromised anonymity. Cuz there ain't nothing Nazis want to know more than WHO YOU ARE.  If you need to organize IRL, it's only a matter of time before some one's id is leaked.

This is not a slam.  Face to face confrontation and street action is most definitely needed.  But when it's all bundled up with intelligence gathering, it just takes one leak and all the eggs in both baskets are lying on the street in an ugly omelet.  Also, to a certain extent, if you need a street action to confront the Nazis, you already have a less than ideal situation.  It means the suckers are organizing in private or offline and they're not afraid to come out into the light of day.

We aim to make Nazis fear the light of day.

And we try to look at the big picture.  Your goosestepping meathead goon is nothing but a bully with bad fashion sense without the organized networked propaganda machine to crank out Jew hating crap  to keep him pumped for action.  And the most insidious Nazis are the ones who pretend they aren't.  There's a whole political machine supporting these clowns, and it needs exposed.

Who is a Nazi?  A Nazi is anyone pushing Nazis propaganda, Holocaust Denial and Jew Blaming.

A Nazi is also anyone befriending, associating or organizing with Nazis, on or off line.  This means membership and particpation in websites, groups and email lists, knowing Nazis are on the list and/ or the list is used to coordinate with Nazis and their allies.

A Nazi is also anyone making excuses for or defending Nazis under the ruberic of "free speech".   Nazis don't get free speech.  Their whole Raison D'tre is to yell fire the theater of our humanity, so they can get some people to go out an murder other people.  Fuck that.  

This is where Antifa and other ARAs might not agree with our tactics.   Nazis and other racists have lots of practice manipulating fair minded anarchists and leftists.  When called out they'll bleat "free speech" and other concern trolling platidutes.  We say bullshit.

Push Nazi propaganda, you're a Nazi.
Your friends are Nazis, you're  Nazi.
Make excuses for Nazi propaganda, you're a Nazi.
Organize on email lists or websites with Nazis or Nazi propaganda, and don't call it out, you're a Nazi.

The Allies did not win the war with the Third Reich so that 70 or so years later dumbasses with fascist daddy issues could manipulate and undermine human rights by glorifying Hitler and denying the Holocaust, or worse, claiming to be leftists while selling Jew hating propaganda swill.   

We know some antifas are gonna be alarmed.  "Hey wait!" some say.  "Not everyone who knows a Nazi is one.  And not everyone duped by anti Semite shit is one!"

That's true.  But the time comes when anyone who claims to be educated on the issue should suspect something just aint right and start asking questions.  

That's another way the closet Nazi type infiltrate the left: be all friendly and cuddly and cozy, so that when you catch them spouting some anti-Jew shit, it makes it hard to confront, cuz your brain is saying, "woah, but he's a nice guy, wtf?"

Our  group of peeps have been lied to by so many Nazis and closet Nazis we have no problem cutting these people's balls off.  Metaphorically speaking.   If we got a good reason to think they might be duped, we'll try to talk to them.  Once.  What they say determines the out come of that particular situation.  But 90% of the time, what you got is a closet NAZI and they deserve ZERO mercy. Cut them off and separate from their network for your safety and the safety of your friends.

Another thing makes us different from other AR groups is we aint so much into the educating business.  We're into the Nazi exposing business.  You want some education, go here, they'll tell you allabout everything  you need to

Also got a copy right here for your convenience:

Now there's all kinda Nazis.   You got your obvious uneducated white power Swastika tattooed decorated swine.

Then you got your latte Nazis, who go to anti war marches dressed like Woodstock rejects, with long hair and tie dye T-shirts, exploiting nostalgia so they can flog Nazi propaganda repackaged as the issue of the day:  Anti war, anti corporate, or bizarre hybrids like "anti-war/911 conspiracies"; or "anti corporate/Bildeburger/Bohemian Grove".   Some of these people are confused flakes with no critical thinking skills.  But if it's a well known organizer, that's a closet Nazi.   Cuz no way can they be pushing anti Semitic crap for years and not know what they're doing.

It's very simple:

You find out someone is pushing Nazi shit, explain to them you cannot befreind them unless and until the repudiate that.  Because you will not be mistaken for a Nazi collaborator.

Special note about Palestine:  like many anti fascists and anti racists, we're extremely unimpressed with Israeli policies in Palestine and what can be described as a general state of apartheid that the Palestine people live in. However,   we do not support any sort of misguided "New Anti-Semitism"  that hurts both Jews and Arabs, and gives ammunition to anyone who wants to label Palestine activists as Jew haters.  Anyone pushing anti Semitism, and claims to be helping Palestinians is a lying Nazi and needs to go die in a fire.

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