Thursday, May 2, 2013

Alex Wood: UKIP Nazi Revisited for Laughs

Hey, maybe there is another explanation for this:

It's not a Nazi salute, he's Superman!


Funny as this is, the official "explanation" exceeds parody:

Ukip candidate Alex Wood wasn't making a Nazi salute at all, he was, of course, trying to stop his girlfriend taking photos of him "imitating a pot plant".

Nigel Farage, the eurosceptic party's leader, offered the bizarre explanation in a blog for The Huffington Post UK.
It looks like Mr Farage is satisfied, and 22-year-old Wood is set for a reprieve before Thursday's local elections.
 Uh huh.  Sound like NAZI BULLSHIT.  Wonder how many places this can be spammed? 

UKIP Alex Wood is a Nazi and a LIAR

Step up and be a Basterd.... for humanity!

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