Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Alex Wood: UKIP Nazi caught on Facebook

From the Daily Mail:

'I'm not racist', says UKIP candidate: Election hopeful, 22, caught on camera making alleged Nazi salute

  • Alex Wood, 22, is standing in council elections in Somerset
  • Claims account was hacked and denies making racist comments
  • Pictures emerged clenching knife between teeth in front of Union Flag
  • Denied making Nazi salute and comments that Africans 'lived in mud huts' 
  • UKIP leader Nigel Farage admits it 'doesn't look very pretty'
  • Refers to 'coloured people' in radio interview rejecting claims of racism
  • Investigation into candidate who said exercise can 'prevent' homosexuality

  • A UK Independence Party election candidate has been suspended from the party after being caught on camera apparently making a Nazi salute – bringing further scandal to the party ahead of Thursday’s local elections.
    UKIP leader Nigel Farage admitted the latest revelations about members 'doesn't look very pretty' as he was again forced on to the back foot over the failure to vet people standing in this week's local elections.
    The latest photo to emerge is of Alex Wood, candidate for Blackmore Vale in Somerset, which was posted on Facebook, along with racist comments. In another picture, part of a series of images, the 22-year-old clenches a knife between his teeth against a backdrop of the Union Flag.
    UKIP candidate Alex Wood, who is standing in the Somerset County Council elections, is pictured apparently making a Nazi salute. Wood said he was reaching for a camera

    Mr Wood, pictured clenching a knife between his teeth in front of a Union Flag, denies being a racist

    UKIP said Mr Wood's party membership 'was suspended pending the police investigation' after pictures and comments emerged online.
    Comments saying that Africans ‘lived in mud huts’ and ‘kill each other’ also appeared under his name on the Facebook page, but he told the Mail last night that he ‘categorically denies’ posting them.
    He said: ‘My account has been hijacked – by that I mean someone, somehow, has gained access to my Facebook and posted personal pictures of me without me knowing.

    'Claims that I am a racist are categorically untrue and all comments of a racist nature on Facebook were not posted by me.’
    A string of revelations about UKIP candidates have dogged the party ahead of Thursday's elections.
    It also emerged that John Sullivan, a UKIP candidate in Gloucestershire, is alleged to have made the homophobic comments on Facebook.
    He is said to have claimed that regular exercise 'prevents' children from 'becoming' gay.

    Why are Nazis such bad liars?    His account was hacked?   He was reaching for a camera?  Who would believe that garbage?  
    Huffo has quotes that remove all doubt, we're hoping for screencaptures from Facebook users soon:

    According to the Daily Mirror, one comment attributed to Wood said people should vote Ukip to stop the UK "ending up like Africa or some third world trash can".
    Another message read: "I mean just look at the mud huts they live in and how they all kill each other. It’s quite barbaric."
    The 22-year-old has claimed his Facebook account was "hijacked". Ukip have suspended Wood "pending the police investigation".

    Okay, we'll make a deal with Wood:  if the police can confirm his Facebook account was hacked and he didn't make those comments, we'll remove these:

    He'll still have to explain his homophobia.  Or why he's part of the UKIP, which seems to the British answer to Ultra Right Libertarians:

    The UK Independence Party (UKIP, Ukip, pron.: /ˈjuːkɪp/ YEW-kip) is a Eurosceptic[3][4] right-wing populist[5][6][7] political party in the United Kingdom. The party describes itself in its constitution as a "democratic, libertarian party".[8]
    Maybe Wood should read what the founder said before bailing from the party:

    UKIP was founded in 1993 by Alan Sked and other members of the all-party Anti-Federalist League – a political party set up in November 1991 with the aim of fielding candidates opposed to the Maastricht Treaty.[14]
    Its primary objective was withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The new party attracted some members of the Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party, which was split on the European question after the pound was forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992 and the struggle over ratification of the Maastricht Treaty. UKIP candidates stood in the 1997 general election, but were overshadowed by James Goldsmith's Referendum Party.
    After the election, Sked resigned from the leadership and left the party because he felt "they are racist and have been infected by the far-right"[15] and "doomed to remain on the political fringes".
     Sounds like the Ron Paul situation.  And we know how that turned out.

    A basterd's work really is never done....


    1. Would you like to see him eating the potplant? It's in the comments section of his 'candidate profile page'. He is telling the truth.


    2. It isn't as difficult as you'd think to hack a facebook profile and it is even easier to make clone accounts and also to fabricate screenshots of comments.

    3. Yeah, except that's' ALWAYS their excuse. Even when they have a racist history a mile wide across the Internets. Don't be gullible. ALL their accounts were hacked? LOL
      -a basterd

      1. And does this chap have a 'racist history a mile wide across the Internets'? Does he fuck. GROW THE FUCK UP.